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“Another Boy To Fix “
Now available from all the usual places!

31st October 2018
















Bem Vindo!



Hi Everyone!

Here’s some updates from my world! The most recent first!


I’m delighted to say my newest song “Another Boy To Fix” is now available from all the streaming and download stores!

Thanks for listening!

Tamara Landolt is play-listed in Switzerland with our song

“I’ve Got Standards”!

A big thank you to

Radio Swiss Pop!

There’s 64 more songs over on my SoundCloud page. One is a rework of the song I wrote with

Tamara Landolt

She’s Got Standards

and the other is a brand new song called

“Sitting By Herself”

Pop Over and have a listen!


Some of you were asking me about the Eurovision entry. And the answer is yes! Its all finished and submitted for appraisal. Its called “Welcome to our place” Keep your fingers crossed!!

I was also asked to compose some music for a new Indie movie here in Ireland. “Hanna Wins” should be screened on the 31st of October. Its a spooky scary horror movie especially done for Hallowe’en!

I was invited to Genoa, Italy to play the sweetest little gig. I was onstage with Mark LeMon and the wonderful Massimo Morini of the Italian National Orchestra! I made such wonderful new friends, ate some of the most wonderful food and drank buckets of Italian coffee.

After a visit to the most perfect Italian cup-cake shop and restaurant the Gods gave me the urge to write, “Dolci Fatto Con Amore” (Sweets made with love) You’re going to love it! I made it back safe and sound to Dublin but I’ll definitely be back!

Looking back through some photos I took last year it reminded me of someone I’ve lost touch with. So, I took that feeling and turn it into a lyric called “Fading away”. I have a feeling it will make you pick up the phone and call that old friend you lost touch with.

I hope life in your home is Warm and safe and now that Summer is nearly here, you are all looking forward to nice long summer days and who knows, maybe you’ll considering making a trip to Ireland to see us!

A song I co-wrote with Dingle’s Mazz O’Flaherty called “The Shores of Connemara” has passed the Mazz O’Flaherty muster test and we will be in the studio very soon to record the full version!

Its a very soulful ballad inspired by an American couple, Vivian & John who wandered in to the smallest record shop in Ireland, “The Dingle Record Shop” when we were there. They told us all about the purpose for their trip to Ireland to bury their life long friend.... It was poignant and worthy of our best shot. I really hope we do it justice!

2016 was a really good music year for me, I released three singles and one re-release for Christmas called “Santa’s Sleigh is on the way” which was played by quite a few stations in Ireland!

During the Autumn, Alicija and I were back in the studio preparing three new demos which hopefully will fall on the right desk at the right time for the right artist in 2017!

One is a country song called “Way Past Goodbye”, the second is a great Indie track called “I’m Gonna Smile” and the third is a motivational song called “Be a winner”!

As the old saying goes, watch this space!

~A big Belfast “thank you” goes out to promoter extraordinaire, Grainne McGlone who set me up with a gig at Van Morrisson’s old stomping ground The Belfast Empire Music Hall on the 21st September 2016. The fact I played where the great man himself used to stand wasn’t lost on me. It was a great night. And I’d also like to thank Ronnie Purvis Photography for some great snaps!

   Hopefully, I’ll be back to Belfast to play a few more sets in the very near future! I love that town, great people and the beer was pretty decent too!!

~ In 2015 I co-wrote a great song for California CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) with Award winning song writer Denis Loiseau. The song is called ‘There’s a Light in Every Child’s Eyes’ and it is on their website to help raise awareness for the great work they do. They resolve that no child should ever go through the court system alone. You can see the video, ”Every Child’s Eyes’ right here:

You can get more information about California CASA here.

~ In March 2015, I was invited to submit some music for a new Documentary movie called ‘Juvenescence’. After a chance meeting with an old school buddy, I got to meet vocalist, Maya Sullivan and producer Syl Morrisson, from Clonakilty in Co Cork, Ireland. We set to work!

   Our song of the same name will be the title track of this new and exciting documentary which charts the various pressures teenagers in New York are placed under by both their peers and the ever evolving society they have to live in.

~As some of you know I'm a songwriter and I work with a great artist called Alicija. We both have day jobs and we both work hard. But we also work hard on our music too.

There are no record labels, no limos, no publicity budgets. Radio stations do not play our songs. We write and compose all our music by ourselves and we have to pay for everything we do ourselves. Did you know producing a song with a video costs well over €1,500?

We know people get pleasure out of what we do. That's why we do it. That's why all songwriters do what they do.