Photo by Media Local Studios and LA Photobooth at WCS Conference 2011

ASCAP lyricist with 20 years experience!

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Come on folks let’s write some songs!!

What do I do?


All I need is the hook you want to hang your song on. My latest song came from hearing a friend say she’s wants to “Get her heart to move” Hooks are everywhere, make sure you hear them!

The Melody

As with every story, there’s a theme and every theme has a feeling and every feeling has an emotion. Once we identify that, the melody concept fall into place!


Then we build the story around your hook with a start, a middle and an end. Once we have that, we should know where we hope to end up. And agreeing that, really is half the battle..

The Song

One we get the story line and the melody, everything else then falls into place, verse, chorus, bridge or Rap… Then we get to work on creating its first demo!!