What do you do when object of your desire is an impossible dream? 

My brand new musical play “CLEANERZ” is set in Dublin Airport, Ireland. Its a story that could play out every day in almost every airport in the world… 

Its all about an impossible romantic who sets out to impress an impossibly attractive woman with very very high standards!

‘Cleanerz’ weaves a sweet tale about love, desire, notions and a pair of unlikely heroes.

Our heroine and her love struck colleague, clean their way through challenges, opportunities, connections and few misunderstandings. 

Here’s our heroine Magdalena introducing herself to the audience

Magdalena’s Soliloquy – Click here

(Read by voice over specialist Lina Jalala)

Helped along by six brand new songs written and composed by myself and Alicija Bar, they talk about romantic situations, unlikely scenarios, notions and sweet emotions. We hurtle through their week with one eye on the future, one on a beautiful woman and two people who help our heroes realize their dreams.

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(All Songs © & ℗ Maurice Byrne & Bell Session Publishing).

When Captain Byrne departs on his final flight before retirement, he sings ‘At 30,000 Feet”
When Christoph talks about who he sees on his cleaning route he sings “Loneliness is back”
Magdalena decides she’s going to meet Captain Byrne for the first time, she sings “I’m Gonna Smile”