Maija Music

“Too Much Woman” was the first collaboration between Maurice and Alicija. I had this really powerful ballad that needed a great female vocalist. So after asking Alicija if she could help me out and lay a vocal down, I never needed to look for another vocalist. Too Much Woman is straight out of the Philadelphia tradition of writing and Alicija grabbed that song by the scruff of the neck and finished the recording in three takes in one afternoon. Since that day, we have forged a great writing partnership and a great friendship too!

“She’s the Only one knows how it goes” was a commission for an American Docu-movie ‘A Bloom in the sidewalk’I had the backing track laid down in SanFrancisco by Kevin Harris and we recorded the vocal here in Dublin with Alicia in control of vocal arrangements. Our song plays as the credits roll and its a very powerful piece.

‘A Bloom in the sidewalk’ won Best Documentary at the Bare Bones Movie festival in Kentucky in 2014. You can hear this wonderful song on the Youtube link below

Alicija and Maurice then released  “Washed Out By His Lies” in August 2014. The Press in Alicija’s home country of Lithuania gave her superb coverage and our song was played on commercial radio stations for months.

“Washed Out By His Lies” is a powerful song about the effect of passion, love, betrayal and lies. but even more important, maintaining control so you can control your own life especially after a breakup…”

In May 2015, we released our latest song, “Why Are The Clouds So Blue”. We made a great effort to engage as many media channels as we could to get the word out about our new song. As you’ll see from the video below, Blessington Lakes was an ideal back-drop to Alicija’s wonderful performance

The end result was Alicija’s finest video to date. Why Are Clouds So Blue has been available from your favourite download store since the 4th June 2015.

“Four Words from Dublin”, a song about following your true love to live in Ireland, was released in 2012 by Maurice and Alicija. We never formally publicized this song but it is available from the download stores. We also completed a video by Pawel Chiminowski at Rock and Reel videos as you will see below.

“Be A Winner” was the last song we wrote together which was for a Corporate event in an American Multi-National based in Dublin. We recorded this in Alicija’s kitchen with a single camera and a single microphone, we were so surprised at how well it turned out!!

That was back in 2017 and since then life moved us on to bigger and better things but we have a massive body of work we will always be able to look back on!